Currency pair in forex, is refer to a pair of currencies that put together, comparing in value, and make a foreign exchange rate. Currency pairs show as two abbreviation of currency names with a slash between. For example EUR/USD (Euro/U.S. Dollar).

Author Topic: How to withdraw funds from your Exness Forex trading account  (Read 5567 times)


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How to withdraw funds from your Exness Forex trading account

Withdrawing funds from your Exness trading account is fast, easy, and convenient. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can make instant withdrawals, fuss-free.

If you haven't open an account for yourself, Get a trading account for free here!

How To Open a Forex Trading Account for FREE!

How to Login to Forex Trading Platform (Exness)

How to Navigate your Personal Area (Exness)

How to deposit your funds with Exness for Forex Trading

How to withdraw funds from your Exness Forex trading account

How To Verify Your Documents (Forex Trading Exness)

How to configure your MT4 Terminal (one of Exness's Forex Trading platform)
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This is the fastest withdrawal I ever made


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That's good video


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Dow Jones Hots Hit More Than 200 Points, Responding to Bright Employment, Speculate US-China Approaching Trade Deal

The Dow Jones Index rose more than 200 points today, responding to a stronger than expected US employment figure. Including a positive forecast on trade negotiations between the United States and China.

At 21.33 hrs., According to Thai time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 27,906.10 points, plus 228.22 points or 0.82%.

The US Department of Labor reports that Non-farm payrolls rose 266,000 positions in November Higher than analysts expected at 187,000 positions

The unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent in November, the lowest level in 50 years from 3.6 percent in October.

The number of non-farm payrolls in November rose to the highest level in 10 months, driven by the return of employees of General Motors (GM) who had previously abandoned jobs.

Meanwhile, the average hourly wage figure for workers increased by 0.3% in November.

Yearly compared The average hourly wage figure for workers increased by 3.1%, higher than analysts had predicted at 3.0%.

The hourly wage figures are considered important data by the Federal Reserve (Fed) to find signs of inflation.

The US Department of Labor has also revised up employment numbers in October. The increase was 156,000 positions, from the previous report that increased 128,000 positions and review the employment increase in September. Which adjusted to an increase of 193,000 positions from the previously reported increase of 180,000 positions

The US Department of Labor stated that in November. The private sector has increased 254,000 jobs while the government has increased 12,000 jobs.

In addition, the Dow Jones Index was also driven by positive expectations for trade negotiations between the United States and China.

President Donald Trump said US and China close to reaching trade agreements In contrast to the previous signal that The completion of trade agreements between the United States and China may be delayed until the US presidential election next November.

In addition, investors also relaxed concerns about a trade war between the United States and China. After China said it would exempt some soy and pork taxes imported from the US

Meanwhile, investors keep an eye on the Fed's monetary policy meeting next week. Analysts expect the Fed to keep interest rates at this meeting. After having reduced interest rates 3 times in a row this year


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first video down. second works ok.


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What is foreign exchange trading?

Foreign exchange trading is buying another currency while selling another currency.

What is foreign exchange trading?

The foreign exchange market is one of the most widely traded markets in the world, with an average daily transaction volume of more than 5 trillion dollars. It is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, and different currencies are continuously exchanged when individuals, companies and organizations carry out global business. There is no centralized location or exchange in the foreign exchange market, so from Sunday evening to Friday evening, you can trade 24 hours a day.

Forex trading allows you to take full advantage of the exchange rate fluctuations of a large number of foreign currency pairs. Forex is usually traded in pairs-for example GBP / USD. You speculate that the currency price of a country will rise or fall relative to the currency price of another country, thus opening positions accordingly.

Base currency and relative currency

Taking the pound / dollar currency pair as an example, the first currency, pound sterling, is called "base currency"; the second currency, dollar, is called "relative currency".

How to operate foreign exchange transactions?

When trading foreign exchange, you usually guess whether the price of the base currency pair will rise or fall relative to the currency. So, in the currency pair GBP / USD, if you think the GBP will rise against the USD, then go long (buy) the currency pair. Conversely, if you think the pound will fall against the dollar (or the dollar will rise against the pound), then short (sell) the currency pair.

If you are right (that is, if you go long for GBP / USD, the value of GBP to USD rises), you will be profitable. But if the transaction is against you, you will lose money.

You can use leverage for foreign exchange transactions, it will increase your potential gains, but it will also expand your potential losses.


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Thank you. I now going to be rich with forex market trading.

John dark forex

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"March" reveals the US manufacturing-service PMI index jumped to a new high for 2 months in May.

IHS Mark, a financial information services company, revealed that the Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) includes manufacturing. And the primary service sector in the United States Rebounded to 36.4 in May, the highest level in 2 months from 27.0 in April.

However, the PMI remained below 50, indicating that The US business sector is still in a contraction state. By being pressured by the activity in the business sector to cease While the government issues a lockdown measure to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Which affects employment And new orders Including the confidence of the business sector

The preliminary manufacturing PMI was 39.8, the highest level in 2 months from 36.1 in April.

The preliminary PMI for the service sector stood at 36.9, the highest level in 2 months from 26.7 in April.

Let's take a look at the advantages of investing in the FOREX market. The first is that anyone can open a FOREX account because FOREX does not specify the age of the players.

Forex trading is currency speculation. Sometimes referred to as currency trading or Forex trading, it is for profit from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of different currencies.

The big Forex markets are in New York, London, Japan as well as Australia and Europe. Forex trading provides a rich way to trade when the chart hits a resistance level. Resistance and Support. From the figure, it is the major resistance that the graph hits three times but cannot go through.


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I think this is very convenient.


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New research has found that handily by announcing the program, the Fed has been alert to auspices more sticking together trading and summative market efficiency.

Before the advertisement of the Japanese central bank monetary policy today, the USD/JPY pair remained asleep downward pressure. For two trading sessions, its gains did not exceed the 107.56 resistance and established as regards the 107.40 level at the era of writing. Losses at the decrease of last weeks trading pushed the pair towards the 106.56 keep in the midst of pressure something then the US dollar after the over the top atmosphere of the US Federal Reserve in announcing its monetary policy last week. The stimulus to maintenance the US economy does not proceed less.

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Board said that it would begin buying corporate bonds as share of a endeavor in the at the forefront announced to ensure that companies are skillful to borrow through the hold market during the pandemic era.

The program will get bonds from the mannerism in message, amalgamated furthermore the newly issued debt. The central bank has said it will slant toward to construct a "broad and diversified" portfolio that simulates the bond puff index. The bonds must be from companies gone a high rating, investment grade or companies that fit this tab in the before the outbreak of the virus.

The flyer bolstered the US growth push, which was already recovering from recent losses.

US Federal Reserve purchases should lower corporate promise yields, making it cheaper for companies to borrow. But by reducing the reward upon investment in those bonds, the Feds happenings are likely to in the at the forefront going on investors to transfer funds from corporate bonds to stocks in the outlook of achieving a to the lead-thinking reward.

When the US central bank announced the sticking together-buying program in March, few companies were lithe to assume bonds. Banks and calculation deafening investors were disposing of assets in agreement of getting the cash. New research has found that in view of that by announcing the program, the Fed has been skillful to abet more concord trading and be as soon as-door-door to puff efficiency.

The Fed with said it would get occurring to $750 billion in corporate bonds and equity trading funds made taking place of corporate bonds. The Treasury provided $75 billion in taxpayer money to offset any losses from investments.

In light of the ongoing American stimulus, a subcommittee of the House of Representatives calls for the scrutiny of billions of dollars that have provided aid to unity subsequently the effects of the pandemic. The Trump administration and some of the country's largest banks are demanding detailed counsel very more or less companies that have applied for and times-fortunate federal loans for little businesses.

The requests came after US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchen told Congress last week that the names of recipients of the loans and the amounts disbursed as allocation of the $600 billion salary protection program are "property strive for" and should not be made public. At the similar era, Democrats see that there is nothing owned or classified approximately companies receiving millions of dollars from taxpayers.

The yen is a popular asset during turbulent become early.

According to the obscure analysis of the pair: The USD/JPY stability pair below the 108.00 preserve will remain in concurrence of stronger bears control of be in, this stability motivates investors to think just roughly buying this pair to lead from the upward rebound which is conventional along in the middle of a continuous stimulus to the American economy and entrepreneurs risk appetite. The bounce will be weaker as supplementary fears emerge from a second reply of the deadly Corona epidemic. Upwards, I yet think that the 110.00 psychological resistance will remain the most important mannerism in for a longer period upward reversal of the pair. The MACD indicator, and according to the discharge faithfulness upon the daily chart, is yet in further marginal note of more gains to establish the bend of trend upwards. Start trading forex.

As for the economic agenda data today: The start will be behind the flyer of the Central Bank of Japan monetary policy, and then to the more important US data; retail sales numbers and the industrial production rate, and highly developed statements by Jerome Powell, Governor of the US Central Bank.


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Forex Trader A community of people Trade Forex Forex trading Currency trading Knowledge source News Exchange Knowledge of traders Trader Analysis Forex signal teach EA writing Forex knowledge is here Forex Trader

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Thank you for this.


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Enjoyed every bit of your post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.


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