Pip or A point in price, is the standardized measure of change in a currency pair in forex market. It is the smallest unit of measurement by which a currency quote can change. It is the increment that will be referred when the price chance.

Author Topic: Market Maker Order Flow Trading System: Consistent profit for Forex GUARANTEED!  (Read 49 times)


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Market Maker Order Flow Trading System: Consistent profit for Forex GUARANTEED!

Market Maker Order Flow Trading System: Consistent profit for Forex and Gold, and Binary Options GUARANTEED or money back!

Enjoy a launch special with $1000 off! This deal ends 30/06/2020.

PLEASE CONTACT ME ON SKYPE (add me: bofx.system ) FIRST TO DETERMINE IF THIS MENTORING IS RIGHT FOR YOU. And if you have spoken to me in the past regarding BOFX, even if you didn't end up buying, as a sign of appreciation I will give you a discount for this new course.

Introducing a really revolutionary and the most effective way to trade Forex. By trading based on the behavior of other retail traders AND the behavior of the market maker, you will get as close as you can possibly get to the Holy Grail of trading. Cheating in a way if you want to call it. But definitely an unfair advantage. It is unfair to know where other traders’ stop losses are and what direction they just commit their money into, but here they are presented to you. This is real information. Market makers need this information for them to work. And for you this means better accuracy, bigger profit, less bad setups, and you can set and forget about your orders. No more waiting and being glued to the monitor.

This the truth of profitable trading:

Consistent profit comes from understanding how order flow works and how the market makers exploit it.

Not indicators, not rumors, nothing else. And 1) no one else in the world has the technology, the visual representation of the Order Flow (less value) AND 2) the knowledge of how Market Maker works (invaluable). Until now. Technology has allowed the trading data from clients of the 10 top and biggest brokers in the world to be aggregated and presented visually on your chart. Think of how valuable that would be for your trading. And with this, there is no need to study order flow for months or years. The theory can be learned in less than ONE week. Absolutely no fluff. I hate to waste time and your time is better off being used to trade.

Even the most expensive trading course in this planet doesn't have access to this. I know the value of my offer. Steve Mauro, Martin Cole, Greg Secker and all other players do not have access to this, despite charging for much more. This is like having an X-ray of the chart. To see what the big guys are seeing. This is the closest thing possible for a retail trader to see what the market makers see. To sit on their seat and become like them. And market makers constantly make profit. Follow them.

Market makers are real people. You can google them up. Most people think trading is just about buyers and sellers. Using a simple example. If there’s a buyer for EUR USD at 1.3320 and there’s only a seller at 1.3330, then there’s 10 pips gap in between. The market maker, being the liquidity provider, is free to choose to trade anywhere within the gap. They can set the price anywhere from 1.3321 or 1.3329, wherever they see fit according to their own risk management and combined with their privileged information. This means, you are trading AGAINST them, not natural buyers or sellers. And naturally, all of your trading information is their hands. You want your orders, stop loss, and take profits to be executed right? How else would the market know if you don't surrender this information? In reality, this happens on an aggregate level, they don't know who owns the individual 0.01 lot trade, they can only see there's $50 million dollars worth of stop loss in a particular cluster.

This is an invitation to the most exclusive trading club. We will be the only traders who have access to the data AND the knowledge. The data alone doesn’t mean much. But to have both is the ultimate trading weapon. The market makers have their own exclusive club called the inter bank market, so let’s create something similar. Stop losing money. Stop experiencing pain and loss. Stop greedy people from ripping you off. I’ve been helping you trading profitably using BOFX system. I’ve also been helping you recover money from the brokers through legal means. It’s time now to join the revolution for the bigger things. Trade like the banks and their market makers.

Trading the right way is the only way to be immune to any market and economic condition. When everyone's struggling, successful traders make more money as the market becomes more predictable. I let one GBP USD trade go to collect more than 1000 pips. That’s a personal record for me. Look at the result of my recent trades during cv19 pandemic.

The market is not random. Any good statistician would be able to tell you a consistent ~90% result is definitely not random. You are being hypnotized through the chart to do what they want you to do. But if up to 90% of retail traders lose money, then it only makes sense if we simply do the opposite in light of this technology? Not at all. You can't see this from the conflicting data. As you can appreciate it from the picture alone following it blindly is as foolish as relying on indicators. You need the understanding. This technology is just an icing on the cake. The technology alone will not tell you where the price is GOING and WHY.



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