Scalping or short-term trading is a trading strategy that the trader will trade small profit but in high frequency, maybe 10-100 or more times daily. It is based on the notion that a currency is very fluctuate, so it would be better to take small profit from small movement than to take large profit.

Author Topic: How to create and execute Forex Trading Strategies  (Read 7379 times)


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How to create and execute Forex Trading Strategies

After you’ve identified your trading niche, it is essential to formulate and validate your trading strategy — but how exactly do you go about doing that? All this and more in this Exness webinar.

For watching this video you should have at least one trading account. If you are not. Get a trading account for free here!


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Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 10:11:47 AM


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Strategy in forex trading must be consist of both personal and market element


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Reply #3 on: December 25, 2018, 12:47:03 AM
A forex trading strategy is a set of analyses that a forex day trader uses to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair. What are the best Forex trading strategies for beginners and professional traders to use? That up to the situation you're in.


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Reply #4 on: July 16, 2019, 04:55:20 AM
Im unconditional youve entre this in every trading sticker album youve ever picked going on. My definition of discipline is to determine your exit strategy by now you enter the trade. As soon as you put a approach upon you should moreover enter your fall loss and halt profit orders. If you benefit that you will not be tempted to second guess yourself. Ive seen too many traders enter a slant, watch it impinge on in their favor to their profit endeavor but never stuffy the trade. The undisciplined will state this can go add-on; I dont suffering sensation to pay for in to my profit now. Once the trade does reverse they will be reluctant to near the trade until it goes to the fore going on to the highs, thats subsequent to profits perspective into losses. Ive in addition to seen trades shape to the ensue less loss dwindling and the trader will counsel Im going to have enough maintenance this irregular 20 pips in the at the forefront I close it subsequently they pay for advice it taking into account anew and again and again. The early proverb upon the trading desk was your first loss is your best loss. Yes, sometimes waiting is the prudent decision but if youve finished your homework and sure an exit strategy for both profits and losses you will be much bigger off in the long control.


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I like this one.


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The Philippine Central Bank has resolved the overnight reverse repurchase, which is a 4.0% policy rate today, in line with analysts' expectations. The central bank stated that The Monetary Policy Committee believes that the current monetary policy is appropriate according to the current situation. Amid low inflation expectations While the economy has a tendency to expand strongly The central bank also revealed that Although the global economy is weak But private sector spending within the country And the policy reform in the Philippines will help prevent the effects of external factors. The Central Bank of the Philippines has cut interest rates 3 times this year, a total of 0.75%.


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In developed nations, the state control of the foreign exchange trading ended in 1973 when complete floating and relatively free market conditions of modern times began. Other sources claim that the first time a currency pair was traded by U.S. retail customers was during 1982, with additional currency pairs becoming available by the next year. Today Exness is a very good broker that millions of people trust.


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Reasons to invest in the Forex market (FOREX)
1. Use a minimum initial investment of thousands of baht can try to invest.
2. Increase financial leverage with leverage and deposit bonuses.
3. Deposit, withdraw money conveniently Make transactions via mobile phone 24 hours a day.
4. The market is open Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, not holidays.
5. The market is moving fast. Makes it easy to study the changes
6. No need to read the profit statement. Company loss
7. No need to buy multiple Buy a single currency pair Can still life
8. Can make profit. Both up and down legs
9. An automated program (EA) helps to trade Forex in case you don't have time to trade by yourself.
10. Have a copy trading system To study, look for talented people, trade FOREX and trade on
11. Create an opportunity to receive returns of 10% -100% per month (depending on the trading style).


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Thank you


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I want to trade forex very much. This tutorial help me start forex trading and get profit.


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Thank you. I love to trade forex and get profit. This is the best know-how for forex.


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Forex (forex) stands for Foreign Exchange Market, which is the foreign currency market. Which is the largest market in the world. Buying and selling of foreign exchange will be done by financial transactions through the interbank network. Can be done only by the big banks of each country Later, in the late 20th century, in the year 1990, the currency was traded electronically. Through a brokerage company that has an online trading platform And in real time Therefore, investors can directly access the world-class investment market, but trading orders are still done through brokers. Such as placing purchase-sales orders Through the mobile message system to the employees of the brokerage company Then the employee then takes the order - sell Such information is entered into the company system. The system of the company has a direct connection to the center of the stock exchange. Later, 1994, the Internet began to be used widely. There is communication and communication all over the world. More convenient and faster The company of the broker Therefore changed the service in a new way By using the internet network system Open as a service website In which customers can place orders to buy-sell directly via the website that is currently online. Since then Therefore making investment in foreign exchange trading Given the increasing popularity, trading patterns have been developed on the platforms provided by brokers to facilitate speculators.


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Reply #13 on: June 11, 2020, 11:08:01 AM
Forex stock graphs include minute, daily, monthly, which newbie will choose which time frame to suit the trading signal?

There will be stock graphs to view in many Time Frame such as minute, daily, weekly graphs etc. For which time frame beginners will choose to use for investment planning? Let's see

First of all, for those who do not know the stock chart A typical daily stock graph is that every bar shows the open, highest, lowest and final price of that day. The hourly / weekly / monthly graphs also have the same structure. Different in the time frame Investors should carefully study the use of graph time frames before planning and assessing various risks. Before making a decision to buy or sell shares

For general investors, the first time frame graph is suitable for stock analysis. Will be the weekly graph because the weekly graph Will reflect the trading trends of investors who view financial statements And various funds With periodic trading sessions Including investors playing big round trends

However, the most popular Time Frame is inevitable. The daily graph is experienced investors. When seeing the daily graph And weekly Combined with the knowledge of Chart Patterns, they know which time frame is the best way to analyze the stock. But for beginners You don't have to worry. Our Ting Wing has free and good tools to help you choose Time Frame more easily. That tool is MACD By Ting Wing.


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Must know 4 things as follows

        How do we make profits in the Forex market? The word Forex is abbreviated from Foreign Exchange. It is an international exchange market between brokers without holidays. Speculation by matching money, such as EURUSD means the euro against the dollar. We can speculate on buying or selling the said currency pair. If we click Buy if it causes the bull market to occur. We have the opportunity to make a profit in the Buy order. On the other hand, if the euro against the dollar is weaker, resulting in a bear market. We also have a chance to lose orders in Buy etc.

As for forex trading, aside from the EURUSD currency pairs, there are also many other currency pairs. The most popular currencies are USD EUR GBP JPY CHF etc. The factors that drive the Forex market to rise and fall There are 5 main factors which are

    Interest rates, such as the announcement of the central bank interest rate
    Economic conditions Such as the announcement of the country's GDP
    Politics, countries that do not have strong political conflicts inevitably stabilize their currency.
    Trade investment Which country is an important source of investment would mean good money flow within the country. The economy is also good.
    Acquisitions of large businesses Acquisitions in any country depend on the currency of that country. Make short Affect the branding of the currency


        How much time is given to the Forex market? Trading in the Forex market is profitable and sustainable. It is very important to have education together with practice. Whether trading through technical analysis Or fundamental factor analysis Therefore, we must have time to share this practice to become skilled. Because this world has nothing for free And I can assure you, do not look for the Holy Grail in this market because it is absolutely not true. Initially, I would like to divide the basic content that should be filled first:

    Tools or trading platforms. The most popular forex trading program is MetaTrader 4. Study the various functions. Being agile will increase your chances of trading, especially technical analysis.
    Using basic indicators Is like a tool that helps us make profits in the Forex market. Inevitably is like choosing the right tool for the job type

    Fundamental analysis In short, Read news that have an impact on the currency Easy to understand Through the Forex Factory news schedule, if understood, it is like we know the wind direction before leaving the ship.


        Funds and Allocations Although the Forex market can start trading with just $ 1 or a demo account, you can try unlimited trading. But ultimately, you have to use a certain amount of funds to trade Because we really hope to use 1 $ to make money I answered that it is very difficult. Especially inexperienced players who lack experience Can finish in a matter of seconds Which is why Port management

When you have been in the market for a while, it will make you know that In addition to the amount of funds, managing Positions in a portfolio is extremely important. To survive I give examples that are popularly taught are The port should not lose more than 5-10% of the portfolio, ie we have $ 1,000 capital each time we trade. When we lose, we should calculate the lot that is played. If the Stop Loss should not exceed 50-100 $, etc., which still have funds left for us to justify. Imagine if there is no such plan. Play with Over Trade. For example, playing Lot when a 1 point move is equal to 100 $ money. Just the graph goes the wrong way. We expect 10 points to clear the port. There is no money left to justify. This I would not call it an investment. But it is gambling in Forex


        Dealing with profits and losses Old and new traders Cannot avoid such conditions at all It is another important thing to pay attention to as well as the forex trading system, especially in investment psychology. There are books to be studied seriously. Therefore it is who is able to cope with the psychological consequences that occur with more discipline. Initially, I gave the same weight, regardless of loss or profit, the condition that needs to be cautious is

    In the event that a large profit is generated or orders are closed for multiple profits in a row, this condition gives us the confidence that our own trading system is accurate. May Cause Greed. Increase Lot
    Trade for more profit. Or will not close when the profit reaches the target system etc.
    In the event that a large loss occurs or orders close multiple losses in succession, causing mental instability Or the emotion that needs to be restored by adding more play lot than plans Or the fear of loss until I do not dare to trade because of lack of confidence etc.

Therefore, dealing with both of the above Discipline is important. You must strictly adhere to your trading plan. It is better to die than leaving the plan. All of which still does not have to believe me Try to do first You may be able to receive astonishingly better results.


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