Pip or A point in price, is the standardized measure of change in a currency pair in forex market. It is the smallest unit of measurement by which a currency quote can change. It is the increment that will be referred when the price chance.

Author Topic: How to Login to Forex Trading Platform (Exness)  (Read 18363 times)


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on: August 14, 2018, 11:18:17 AM
How to Login to Forex Trading Platform (Exness)

If you haven't open an account for yourself, Get a trading account for free here!

How To Open a Forex Trading Account for FREE!

How to Login to Forex Trading Platform (Exness)

How to Navigate your Personal Area (Exness)

How to deposit your funds with Exness for Forex Trading

How to withdraw funds from your Exness Forex trading account

How To Verify Your Documents (Forex Trading Exness)

How to configure your MT4 Terminal (one of Exness's Forex Trading platform)


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Reply #1 on: August 23, 2018, 02:16:37 AM
Thank you


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Reply #2 on: September 25, 2018, 03:56:15 AM
This is very easy


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Reply #3 on: January 01, 2019, 09:10:10 AM
This is so easy!


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Reply #4 on: April 07, 2019, 03:15:05 AM
I love to start forex trading this way


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Reply #5 on: June 25, 2019, 05:43:13 PM
Foreign argument trading increased by 20% in the middle of April 2007 and April 2010 and has on top of doubled before 2004. The supplement happening together in turnover is due to a number of factors: the growing importance of foreign row as an asset class, the increased trading to-do of tall-frequency traders, and the emergence of retail investors as an important setting segment. The stockpile of electronic gaining and the diverse selection of feint venues has lowered transaction costs, increased push liquidity, and attracted greater participation from many customer types. In particular, electronic trading via online portals has made it easier for retail traders to trade in the foreign dispute serve. By 2010, retail trading was estimated to account for going on to 10% of spot turnover, or $150 billion per hours of daylight (see knocked out: Retail foreign dispute traders).


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Reply #6 on: November 18, 2019, 05:03:35 PM
The Office of the Chinese Foreign Exchange Management (SAFE) said that Chinese financial institutions. Which includes banks, insurance companies, and securities companies Net capital outflows in the third quarter. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Chinese financial institutions was worth 5.53 billion dollars in the third quarter, while capital outflows amounted to $ 6.71 billion. As a result, net capital outflows reached $ 1.18 billion. In addition, Chinese financial institutions invested $ 3.73 billion in foreign funds in the third quarter. SAFE has disclosed quarterly data since 2012 to increase transparency. Of China's foreign exchange statistics


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Reply #7 on: January 05, 2020, 06:03:02 AM
I get this


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Reply #8 on: March 11, 2020, 05:29:01 PM
This is great


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Reply #9 on: April 20, 2020, 05:24:00 AM
I think this will be nice for forex trader. Donald Trump, US President Made a statement to the media at the White House that Republicans are close to reaching an agreement with the Democrats to provide financial support to small businesses suffering from the spread of a new strain of the corona virus (Covid-19).

In addition, President Trump also revealed that Both parties may conclude the agreement as soon as possible today, according to US time.

Republican Democrat Trump said the deal has made great progress, while Democrat leader Chuck Schumer is in the Senate. Expressed hope that the two sides will reach an agreement on Sunday evening. Although there are still many issues left behind The move came after both sides criticized the delay in helping small businesses. Which had to be shut down to control the outbreak of Covid-19 Previously, President Trump has called for an additional $ 2.5 billion in small business loan projects. While Democrats want to make sure that The extra money will have measures to prevent and access the communities that really want.

In addition, the Democrats also want to increase their budgets to support government agencies and hospitals in the state and local areas, as well as to support the provision of food to the poor.


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Reply #10 on: April 24, 2020, 03:07:32 AM
Covid Smashes Record Lowest Manufacturing PMI - Eurozone And Forex trading is interesting

IHS Markits, a financial information services company, revealed that the Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) includes the Eurozone manufacturing and services prerequisites. Dropped to 13.5 in April, a record low from 29.7 in March, making Forex trading very easy. Learn to start playing Forex. We study Forex easily. How to Login to Forex Trading Platform.

The PMI remained below 50, indicating that The eurozone business sector is still contracting. By being pressured by business activities interrupted While governments in various countries have implemented lockdown measures to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Which affects employment And new orders Including the confidence of the business sector Forex trading is good, rich, lucky.

For the initial manufacturing PMI index Dropped to 18.4 in April, a record low from 38.5 in March. Play stocks and trade using Forex techniques. Trade forex with mobile phones

Preliminary PMI for the service sector Falling to 11.7 in April, which was the lowest level from 26.4 in March. To start playing forex can be done. How to Login to Forex Trading Platform.


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Reply #11 on: April 29, 2020, 08:49:54 AM
Intraday trading guide

In some ways, intraday trading is an extremely free profession. To a large extent, you can choose to work anywhere at any time. Thanks to the advancement of mobile technology and the increasing popularity of mobile transactions, you can decide the arrangement of each day exactly according to your preferences. You can freely choose to work in the office or home, or even choose to work on a trip.

Personal intra-day trading allows you to be your own boss and have full control over your time and money. So at the same time, what are the shortcomings of this work? For many people, having complete control can also be a terrible thing, especially for those who are not good at scheduling and managing time.
How is intraday trading different from long-term trading?

In fact, the only difference between intra-day transactions and other types of transactions is the time plan. Intra-day traders usually hold positions for a day, often closing positions before the market closes, rather than holding positions for weeks or years. Compared with other types of trading, high-frequency intraday trading requires more concentrated attention, because the time period is shorter, and the market may change quickly in the short term.
Things to keep in mind during day trading
Understand your mindset

When trading, pay attention to all the ideas in your own brain. If your ideas start to be "outrageous", then you must take a break. Intraday trading is a difficult job and it requires constant attention. When trading, you need to be self-motivated and stay focused.
Follow your own principles

Self-discipline is one of the biggest characteristics shared by successful traders. You need to be alert to your bad habits. The first thing is to understand your bad habits and resolve them as soon as possible. One way to understand whether you are trading in a self-disciplined way is to develop a trading strategy and then check to see if you are following these principles. Your rules should be well thought out and contribute to your successful transaction.

As an intraday trader, transactions are completed within a short period of time, so it is a good way to reassess your principles at the end of each month. You may sometimes violate your own principles-know that this is inevitable, but you can not develop this bad habit. Try to stop violating the principles you set and correct them in time.
Manage your funds

If you want to become a successful intraday trader, money management is essential. In fact, no matter which transaction method is used, fund management is a necessary factor for a successful transaction. If you plan for a long-term transaction, then obviously you need to successfully use a money management strategy. There are many books devoted to fund management, which will introduce many methods. You need to spend some time to find a method that is suitable for you.

Some traders want to enter into transactions that are expected to double their returns. This is called the risk / reward ratio. If the risk / reward ratio can be maintained at least between 1-2, then the possibility of continued profitability will be greater. Remember, even if you make a profit 90% of the time, if your losses far outweigh the gains, this will not help. Your gain is more than your loss, this is the most important.
Always carry out risk management

When you place an order, do n’t forget to use stop loss to manage risk. This will be your insurance. Before entering a trade, you need to think about how to set a stop loss order. This is a good habit to ensure that you keep thinking about the protection of assets when the market is falling.
Intraday trading mentality

Once you have formed a comprehensive strategy, you must implement it quickly and decisively. When your expected price level has been reached and the prerequisites for trading have been met, then you should quickly execute your strategy, otherwise you may miss trading opportunities, and previous plans and research will be ruined.

You should always stay calm. This is especially important when you suffer losses. Keep calm and react according to your own principles. Think about the worst in your brain, so that even if the worst happens, at least you are well prepared to keep your mind clear.

Don't let the views of other traders influence your trading. Sometimes, other traders will want to share their views on the market with you and provide you with recommendations, but they do not take into account your trading methods. Remember, no one knows your own trading system and style better than you. You know your trading time period and your stop loss settings, so you must stick to your principles. Other traders will inevitably be biased. If you want to get advice, then you should consult a professional who can give advice based on your situation without departing too far from your trading method.

Stay independent. If you find that you are looking for a mobile phone, or if you want to send emails to others for support, then do n’t place an order. You must trust your instincts. Once you have carried out your own analysis and estimation, and come to your own conclusion, then do not question yourself. The key points you set for entering and exiting the market are supported by reasons, so believe these figures, do n’t question yourself, and do n’t rely on others to affirm your views.

When trading, patience is very important. If there is no suitable trading opportunity, do not force yourself to trade. As you gradually deepen your understanding of the market, you may be able to more easily understand when to trade. As your trading experience grows, your intuition will become more sensitive.

Pay attention to the pressure you are under. Intraday trading may bring a lot of pressure because it requires constant attention and self-motivation. You can take time out to rest for a while, a ray of thought, which is also a kind of mental relief. Think about where the transaction is in your life. Too much pressure will adversely affect your trading decision, so if you feel that pressure is increasing, then you better suspend trading and take a good rest. After the break, when your stress level returns to normal, enter the trade again.

When you are trading, you need to flexibly configure your position. Market conditions may change quickly, so your approach must also be flexible. If you want to stay one step ahead of the market, you need to be ready to respond to changes in the market.

Stick to your chosen market and specific time period. In a rapidly changing market environment, these two factors are under your control.

Decisively profit and close the position. If the market trend remains the same after you profit and close the position, please do not regret your decision. Let other traders compete for the final profit. You have already made a profit. Compared with the loss, this is not how much stronger, and you can start looking for the next opportunity. If you are concerned that you will continue to exit prematurely and miss profit opportunities, then you can design a strategy to re-enter the market and test it. As a short-term trader, if you can make a profit more than a loss, then you do n’t have to worry too much about the occasional early profit and liquidation.
Maintain detailed transaction records

When you start a transaction, you should write down the reason for entering the transaction. This way you can learn lessons and help you when you want to evaluate past transactions in the future. By keeping detailed records and writing down the reasons for entering a transaction, you can learn and improve more quickly. Although this will take some extra time, this training will help you improve your trading level.

You also need to know whether you are ahead or behind your goal in a day, week, or month. Keep these records in a place that you can refer to at any time and be responsible for them. We all know that rethinking the previous transaction will allow you to learn a lot. After you have one month of intra-day trading experience, take a moment to evaluate your performance. Take a look at your own transaction, and then ask yourself this question: If I can re-trade, what different trading methods will I take? In the long run, this will help you to continuously improve your level and become a more successful trader.


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Reply #12 on: May 03, 2020, 03:54:26 AM
I like to trade forex in the morning. I use Metatrader Exness because it's great.


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Reply #13 on: June 04, 2020, 06:49:40 AM
3 ways to trade Forex in a tiring, low-profit way

To play Forex, you have to always have time to watch the screen, right?

I would like to answer that ... not absolutely necessary !!

Many people mistakenly believe that Forex has to sit and keep watching.
Therefore making it miss the opportunity to make money from it

In the past, I understood that. Therefore waste a lot of time

Right now, I have never had to sit and watch the screen.
But can easily make a profit (without stress)

My idea is that I want ... the least tiring way !!

The important point I will say is that these are things you can choose from.

And whichever one will choose and ... choose to suit you

Just you decide to choose it. You will start to see that it's possible !!

This article, I share techniques. For those who want to use the same method as me

How to play Forex in less time But consistently profitable

There are 3 ways to make you profit. Not tired

Ensure ... read it, you will know how to trade in less than 2 hours per week.

But can generate a 5-10% profit per month in a consistent manner for sure !!

Before going to find 3 ways to trade Forex with little tired, very profitable. If you find this article useful, share this article with your friends to read too. Thank you.
Method 1: turn off the screen and turn "Let the market work for you"

    I believe everyone already knows that the Forex market is moving by itself. (Without you having to do anything with it)
    The term "Forex market can move by itself" is the key to the word "let the market work for you"
    When the market runs by itself (By actions from millions of people around the world) like the wind that blows itself And why would you have to sit and watch the screen to trade often, trade frequently one day for ten orders as well?
    Wouldn't it be better if you just read or guess the direction in which the price will go? You then open the order in that direction. The rest let the price to run by itself. According to the direction the market will go You can take advantage of this. In which you almost don't have to exert anything
    To put it simply, read and catch the market right, then Action in the same direction as the price will go there.
    True that "We can't predict where the price will go every time."
    But what I would say to everyone is that from my trading experience Including all world-class traders all agree that ... Forex trading continues to be profitable It's not necessary that you have to guess the market correctly every time.
    The principle I am talking about here If you understand it It will make you take advantage of market movements. Make profits for port consistently consistently
    Why do I dare to say that ... Doesn't I have to correctly guess the market every time?
    If you have enough experience in Forex trading (3 years), you will know immediately that The accuracy of the strategy used is not the answer. Sometimes the accuracy of the strategy increases. Will make you more tired and skilled in trading even worse because you can easily overtrade
    A good strategy must not convince you to trade more often (Overtrade), because it will cause you stress, waste time, lose health, and most importantly you will lose money to the point of having to clear the port. (I was once Recommend not to do it at all)
    I spent a year Find a Forex trading method that is right for me. Suitable for my Life Style. I want to spend time doing other things. Aside from having to sit and sleep, stay awake and watch the screen to trade all night. (I also have health problems from chronic diseases that have been around for a long time)

Method 2: trade with big time frame

    We already know the concepts. Now, let's take a look at some methods. If you ask me, what is the first thing you need to know if you want to trade Forex in a tiring, very profitable way?
    The answer I will give you is ... Learn how to trade with Time Frame first!
    Big time frame (tf) what is that?
    It's the trading window you use to trade Used to analyze the market. I can say that you have to start from Time Frame Day first
    Why does it have to start with Time Frame Day?
    I say this because the big TF, like TF Day, gives more weight to the analysis than the smaller TF, especially 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes.
    The advantage of using TF Day is that it is easy to manage because the signal is not frequent. In addition, the signal quality is better (cheaper chance) than the signal produced in the small TF, because the small price tends to fluctuate. Rather than giving the point that actually has weight
    As I said in the first section As for the market to work instead of trading, TF Day will be very useful to you as you will have time to manage your trading during the day. (When you are free) signs that are not frequent (Born every hour or multiple times a day) will give you time to do other things. At the same time you are trading Forex. In other words, add another way to make money while you work or do other things as well. (This one, I honestly say, because I am doing)

Method 3: Take advantage of the MT4 advantage

    If you have played stocks before You will definitely know Streaming Pro. In Forex, our trading program is called MT4, which is a different program for playing stocks.
    MT4 has many advantages, such as smooth flow analysis, the ability to open orders and manage orders in the same program, so you can view the graph and trade. No need to open many programs Free download as well
    As for the advantages that are most useful to us is setting Order, Setting Stop Loss and Setting Take Profit in advance.
    Why do I say that it is a good thing from my point of view? I think this is the best tool that will make you spend less time watching the screen because you open the graph. If the price runs to the point where you think you can open the order.


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Reply #14 on: June 14, 2020, 10:27:21 AM
That will be fun forex trade.


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