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Author Topic: Cramer Remix: Apple's new products prove its trillion-dollar valuation is too lo  (Read 2821 times)


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Apple's latest model of its Apple Watch, complete with new health features ostensibly targeting the aging population, could be the company's key to unlocking an even larger customer base, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday.

"If you get the watch, you're going to get the phone. That's the way it works," the "Mad Money" host said. "Consider the watch as the gateway drug to the whole Apple ecosystem."

Doubling down on his earlier comments that Apple's newest devices represented a "breakthrough" for the trillion-dollar company, Cramer applauded the iPhone maker's transformation into more of a subscription business.

He also noted that until the Sept. 12 launch, many investors seemed to be getting "jaded" about Apple's product reveals because they didn't seem to move the stock much anymore.

But its latest keynote made Cramer, a longtime Apple bull, believe even more strongly in the company's story.

"When you look at the new phone and the new watch, you realize that Apple's trillion-dollar valuation is indeed deserved," he said. "In fact, it could be worth a lot more than that if I am right about the revolution that this great company unleashed in yesterday's product introductions."

Drone maker AeroVironment, Inc. is making its way into what many see as the next frontier in connectivity: 5G.

In a joint venture with tech-forward Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Corp., AeroVironment plans to "pursue the business of 5G and IoT" — the internet of things — "globally," AeroVironment President and CEO Wahid Nawabi told CNBC on Thursday.

In the initial phases of the project, AeroVironment and SoftBank plan "to develop and demonstrate a stratospheric airplane that is powered 100 percent by solar power, energy," Nawabi told Cramer in an exclusive interview.

Then, "it's going to fly on the edge of the atmosphere," the CEO said. The mission? To bring fifth-generation internet connectivity to the entire world.

"AeroVironment has decades of expertise here. And it's going to beam 5G IoT connectivity for the 7 billion people around the world," Nawabi told Cramer. "Think of it, Jim, as a super cell tower up in the stratosphere ... providing connectivity for everybody that needs it."


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That's good and forex is grood as fuk


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