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Author Topic: 50 Pips A Day - Guide $ Indicator for Making Money Trading Forex - Mt4  (Read 373 times)


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50 Pips A Day - Guide $ Indicator for Making Money Trading Forex - Mt4

50 Pips a Day
Finally! A Step-By-Step Strategy That ANYONE Can Trade...

Dear Frustrated Trader,

I've got some BAD news for you!

Forex is about to change... forever.

You're success is dependent on what you choose to do from here.

The complicated "systems" and "black boxes" are a thing of the past. Your trading is going to change right now.

It's not about fancy technology. It's about tried, tested and proven methods.

Did you know that the GBP/USD currency pair moves around 130 pips every day?... and that the EUR/USD pair typically moves more than 140 pips every day?...

That's nearly 300 pips each and every day on these two pairs alone!

Now, consider just a few of the other major currency pairs, and we've got well over 1000+ pips of movement EVERY day.

Grabbing a measly 50 pips each day from this movement is very realistic.


If you're thinking this is a "magic pill" then I recommend you read the 'EVERY Forex Product EXPOSED' Report again!

However, if you're looking for a simple, step-by-step strategy to make consistent profits, then you're in the right place.

Do you know the most significant thing that separates Forex trading for newbie and Currency Code traders from pro traders?

It's confidence... confidence in their trading strategy.

When you trade, are you apprehensive about whether your next trade is going to be a winner or a loser?

Do you get anxious and close trades early - or even revenge trade, making silly "mistakes", that you regret just minutes later?

All these can easily be stopped! There is no need for this.

It's true that ...

They don't have "secret" systems, or "fancy" indicators. They do have something else though.

They have a PROCESS. I know this may sound strange - but I'm deadly serious!

They know that there are many ways to trade profitably - and that it all starts with a solid strategy.

Pro traders know there is no "set and forget" systems out there - they've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt!

Your success comes from taking a solid strategy and making it your own. It's like making sure you have solid foundations upon which to build you house - the house is only as good as the foundation it is built on.

I'm really talking here to traders here who are fed-up with the garbage that other people pass off as Forex "products".

If you've got a reasonable amount of brains, then you're not the type to fall for the promises of "overnight" riches.

I'm certainly not talking about overnight riches. No. I'm talking about steady progress, using a proven strategy, and using common sense to profit from the markets.

I'd like to present to you: 50 Pips A Day™...

50 Pips A Day™ is a tried and tested strategy that has stood the test of time.

Does it guarantee 50 pips every day? Of course not. Nothing is certain in the Forex market.

But, using it as your foundation, you will have a solid strategy to use as your process. This process is how you will improve, over time, to really pull big money from Forex.

You're getting a total step-by-step trading strategy.

"Wow, if only I had this method from the start of my trading career, I could have paid cash for my house, my kids houses gone on holidays every 6 months to some new and exotic place. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of software, but nothing, and I mean nothing is as simple and reliable as this system for a newbie or experienced trader.

This is not a "system". There is no automatic button-clicking and nervous waiting.

If you can follow a few simple rules then you're halfway there! I'm going to reveal a little of the strategy here...

Firstly, we trade with the trend, this not only lowers our risk but increases our win-rate too!

The rules of 50 Pips A Day™ ensure that we only enter at the lowest possible risk. The strategy does this by making sure that we trade on pullbacks.

Trading on pullbacks is core to the strategy and is why we have very small stop losses on our trades.

The stoploss we get are usually in the 10 - 15 pip range. Which you know, if you're familiar trading Forex, is extremely small.

50 Pips A Day™ offers...

    A proven, tried-and-tested and profitable strategy
    Explained step-by-step in great detail
    Extremely simple to trade
    Easy-to-follow rules
    Low-risk entries
    Specific rules on when to enter and exit trades
    A highly effective trade management strategy
    High Reward-to-Risk ratio on trades
    Ability to trade any currency pair
    Rules on when to stay out of the market


50 Pips A Day™ is not like most of the other Forex "products" out there - this actually works!

It is a total strategy and there is nothing else to buy or subscribe to. Once you have ordered you will be taken directly to the instant download page.

There are no upsells to "better" products - this IS the best product. I can't improve on this even if I tried.

What you will receive today:

    50 Pips a Day v1 instruction manual -pdf
    50 Pips a Day v1 Bonus -pdf
    50 Pips Session Times.ex4 -indicator
    Installation Video
    Lifetime License for Demo and Live Accounts
    Lifetime Support


Be sure to add me to your favorites list!

How Much Is Trading Success Worth To You ?

Bid with confidence!


Sign mail up for my free email newsletters by adding my eBay Store to your Favorites!

All the software in our store comes with a lifetime, unlimited personal license.

That means you can use it for your personal use without any restriction.
We are Genuine Forex Traders
 I am either using or have used each and every system in my store, if you have any questions or need technical help just ask we will oblige.
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Products are usually sent within the hour of payment submission. This is how we are able to keep prices low while serving our customers quickly.

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