The governor of the Fed agreed on the way to use patience in monetary policy.

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Michelle Bowman, one of the US Federal Reserve Governors (Fed), publicly commented for the first time after taking the position that She agreed with the Fed Board that changed to “endure” guidelines for monetary policy implementation. Which will keep the interest rate constant at the current level

Mr Bowman said at the American Bankers’ Association meeting in San Diego that considering employment and inflation data, the US economy is in a good state. Along with adding that The expansion of wages is strong. And inflation is close to the target of 2% of the Fed. That is good for the US household and labor sectors.
Mrs. Bowman reiterated that Fed policy is appropriate And she is satisfied with the current policy position of the Fed

President Donald Trump recently appointed Mrs. Bowman to be the governor of the Fed last year. And at the last two Fed meetings Mrs. Bowman voted for the Fed to raise interest rates at the December meeting. And held interest at the January meeting

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