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FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence. It has great affiliate program that already pay millions to its partner. The cost to join this Partner program is totally FREE! (Without any investment ever.) but not anyone know about it. This page will show you how. Anyone can complete it within 5 minutes or less!

1. Go to Customers and partner welcome page. You'll find a little tab on the top of the page. Click"Open an Account" (Just beside a green button)

2. Put in Name and E-mail

3. Set password, at this point go check-email. You'll see instruction of how to get into member area.

4. After login to member area click the tab in the upper center.

5. Select "Partner" as down below (May different in some language)

6. Get down to partner dashboard and click "Open Account"

After that you'll get an instruction how to promote and you can start earning the money!

(See the data presentation here if you like).
(For those who don't know about forex trading, don't worry. You can learn about it at this forum However, this is optional and should be done later.)

FBS already pay millions to its partner and you can make it too! It also have extra bonus for a month with exceeding volume, which you'll earn a lot more! (You can find that information in "Loyalty Program" Tab in partner section) Remember this is FREE, you have nothing to lose with FBS!

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